by T C Boyle.

Read by David Soul.

0120050425Delaney Mossbacher is driving to his affluent home in the hills above Los Angeles when he knocks over a Mexican pedestrian.
0220050426When Candido Rincon is knocked over by a car he fears not only for his own life but that of his wife, who is unequipped for the hostile suburbs of California.
0320050427Whilst his wife looks for work at the local labour exchange, Candido finds a place to camp in Topanga Creek, away from the prying eyes officials.
0420050428As the number of itinerant workers increases in the Californian suburbs, the residents feel threatened and take matters into their own hands.
0520050429Whilst Delaney becomes increasingly concerned about the illegal campers in the National Park, his wife fears for the value of real estate.
0620050502On a summer evening in the hills above Los Angeles, as the memory of his accident fades from his mind, Delaney struggles with his conscience.
0720050503Forced out of the Californian hills by the closure of the local labour exchange, Candido and America go down to the city in search of work.
0820050504As Thanksgiving arrives, Delaney celebrates at a barbecue in the backyard of a neighbour's house and Candido gets an unexpected bonus.
0920050505As fire sweeps Topanga Canyon and the inhabitants are evacuated.
Candidos wife goes into labour.
10 LAST20050506Candido leaves America and their new baby in the hideaway above Topanga Creek whilst he goes to find work, but his problems are only just beginning.