Touring Round Torquay



Steve Carver becomes a coach holiday courier on a six-day trip to south Devon.

Coach holidays are largely the preserve of the over-70s, and Steve has to look after more than 30 of them as they leave the Midlands for their summer holidays on the south coast.

While serving tea and coffee on board the bus, he must point out the main attractions off the M5.

Arriving at the hotel, he has to ensure the right cases go to the right rooms, and how will he cope with his customers' complaints of under-cooked vegetables?

As a novice courier, he will be nursed through initial teething problems by his experienced driver Paul and fellow courier Val.

They have seen it all before: lost teeth, complaints about the lack of a sea view in Cardiff and indigestion masquerading as a heart attack.

Will Steve manage to last the course of the full six days, returning all his customers with their luggage, happy and relaxed after a fun-filled holiday touring round Torquay?