Adapted by Neil Gaiman from the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, Mr Punch Never Dies.

A small boy goes to stay with his grandparents in Southsea, spending his days at his grandfather's failed arcade on the seafront.

When Swatchell, a Punch and Judy professor, sets up his booth in the arcade the boy becomes fascinated by the story played out by these strange violent wooden puppets - particularly when strange parallels start to develop between the story of Mr.

Punch and events in his own family's life.

Narrator....Richard Dillane

Swatchell....Alexander Morton

Grandfather....Hugh Dickson

Morton....Karl Johnson

Boy....Jonathan Bee

Mermaid....Rachel Atkins

Grandmother....Susan Jameson

Father....Stuart McLoughlin

Mr Punch....Geoff Felix

Sister....Frankie Dean

Music by Dave McKean and Ashley Slater

Directed by Lu Kemp


Broadcast Dates

  • 20050303 (Radio 3)
  • 20050814 (Radio 3)