One of our great British institutions is The Transport Cafe frequented mostly by truckers, those undisputed 'knights of the road'.

These long distance lorry drivers need nosh and a place to have a bit of a kip and a wash and brush-up.

Old fashioned values prevail here and truckers are not satisfied with anything less.

Tony Liddington travels with them and investigates a unique service, and asks whether The Transport Cafe as we know it, will survive.

Tony Liddington investigates one of our Great British Institutions.
In the transport cafe, old-fashioned values prevail and knights of the road will be satisfied with nothing less.
Tony Lidington travels with the truckers to investigate this great British institution.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20030726
  • 20040223
  • 20060725  (BBC7)
  • 20061120  (BBC7)
  • 20080719  (BBC7)