Transylvanian Blues - The Story Of Muzsikas



Forty years on from their formation, Simon Broughton tells the story of Hungarian folk musicians Muzsikas.

Back in 1973, a group of amateur musicians living in Budapest consciously set about creating a folk music revival. But their formation of the group Muzsikas to collect, preserve and perform the traditional music of Hungary and Romania wasn't simply an exercise in nostalgic musical heritage. It was a political act, as much to do with national (even racial) identity and an alignment with pre-Communist culture as it was with a love for 'gipsy' rhythms and Balkan folk melodies.

We trace the story of Muzsikas back to the source from which Bartok similarly drank and examine the wide-reaching impact and legacy of this musical revolution.

Produced by Alan Hall

A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.