Trapped is a series of comedy dramas written by award winning brothers, Mark and Daniel Maier.

Each week Trapped tells the stories of different people who are trapped in different situations.

Sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally.

Sometimes it's their own fault, sometimes not.

Sometimes you'll root for them to escapemore often you'll want to smack their legs and see them suffer for eternity.

0101All Downhill From Here2003090420040624
20040715 (R4)
When two couples go on a skiing holiday they unfortunately have no idea what lies ahead.
If their intention is to stay on their feet and keep cool, all four fail in the most spectacular fashion.
0102A Boy In A Well2003091120040520Black comedy set in the offices of Pennine News Network, a local television rolling news service which is on its uppers; they need a big story that could go national and keep them all employed.
They call it a "boy in a well" - a story that has drama and can run and run.
Then nine-year-old Eric Pickery falls down a well.
But will he be trapped long enough for the news team to keep their jobs? Stuart....Philip Jackson Mike....Paul Copley Becky....Catherine Shepherd MacFee....Ralph Ineson Mrs Pickery....Catherine Tate Trevor....Chris Pavlo Ben....Paul Popplewell Singer....Daniel Maier Written by Mark Maier and Daniel Maier
0103Sow Cottage2003091820040810is a new country home for Paul and Adam who are moving out of London but it is also home to Edward, a ghost who needs them to carry out a task in order to free himself from haunting the cottage.
Black comedy set in the village of Little Latchmere, where the newest residents are having a bit of trouble fitting in.
  • adam....Robert Webb
  • edward....andrew burt
  • paul....Daniel Maier
  • rev fraction....Duncan Wisbey
  • written by Mark Maier and Daniel Maier
  • 0104The Art Class2003092520040624'The Art Class' is set in a local college where they need a new life model.
    A beautiful Russian fulfils the role and teacher Mark offers to put her up while she finds somewhere to stay.
    He soon finds out she is planning a longer stay than he ever imagined.
    Cast: Mark....Alex Lowe Moira....Wendy Wason Elspeth and Janice....Tracy Ann Oberman Alan and Bob....Roger Sloman Donald....Sam Kelly Peter....Mark Maier
    0105Stand-up Tragedy2003100220040708Black comedy set backstage at a comedy club where four comedians are about to discover that life on the circuit isn't always a laugh a minute.
    In fact we could be heading for a Stand Up Tragedy.
    Tonight's episode is set in the dressing room of a comedy club where six comedians are showing off and trying to outdo each other; veteran comic Bill decides he's had enough and pulls out a gun and orders everyone to stop joking and to try and have a serious conversation.
    Will they manage it?
  • andy....Mark Maier
  • bill....Philip Jackson
  • froggy....ralph ineson
  • lynn....lynne ferguson
  • pietr....Daniel Maier
  • producer - alex walsh taylor
  • rob....Chris Pavlo
  • written by Mark Maier and Daniel Maier
  • 0106 LASTClem Walder's Way Out2003100920041104Clem has three wives and finds he can no longer keep up his treble life, so he resorts to faking his own death.
    0201Throw The Book20051220Having got themselves locked in a bookshop overnight, odd couple cons Eddie and Mouse have plenty of time to work out what went horribly wrong with the robbery they have just failed to pull.
    With the help of a highly inquisitive and unpredictable security guard, they discover rather more about each other in the process.
  • eddie....Philip Jackson
  • feathers....Daniel Maier
  • mouse....William Ash
  • sunday....david webber
  • 0202Hole Lot Of Love20051227Deborah Grant, 40-year-old North London nanny, is stuck in a rut.
    On her quest to find love, she agrees to go on a Jewish activity weekend in the Lake District.
    There, amongst an intriguing mix of like and not so like-minded singletons, Deborah finds what she least expected, 160 feet below ground.
  • debs....Daniela Denby-ashe
  • graham....Steve Furst
  • helen....Tracy Ann-oberman
  • herb....Steve Jameson
  • janet....Tilly Vosburgh
  • michael....David Gillespie
  • mr levine....David De Keyser
  • mrs levine....Rebecca Front
  • rebecca....Debra Tammer
  • 0203Smarting Up20060103Jenny Green, frustrated intellectual, is going nowhere in a staff writing job on the unfathomably successful TV soap, Jesmond Road.
    Until one day she has the chance to take out her chagrin on the soap's script - and in the process unwittingly starts a cultural revolution.
  • angela....Jenny Eclair
  • callum....Matthew Horne
  • dr berringer....Jim Barclay
  • jenny....Alice Lowe
  • naomi....Angela Lonsdale
  • sam....Steve Furst
  • 0204 LASTBreak Out20060110Locked up in a high security prison with no idea why, Marty, Willis, Frank and Jack have to escape - or suffer unspeakable consequences.
    But breaking out would be a whole lot easier if Marty wasn't so old; Willis quite so fat and Jack so much of a trouble maker.
  • frank....Colin Mcfarlane
  • harris....Jim Barclay
  • jack....Simon Evans
  • marty....Philip Jackson
  • terry....Alan Davies
  • willis....Robert Wilfort
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    • This series is one of those that the BBC uses for one-off repeats.