Programme Catalogue - Details: 28 June 1990Producer: REID, A
All her life Margery Dawson has fantasised about going to Africa, thwarted first by early marriage to the wrong man & then by her age.
Now a sad meeting with her daughter & a chance friendship force a happy compromise.
Written by Jill TRUMAN.
Directed by Alec REID.
Subject Categories
drama programmes (genre)
Broadcast history
28 Jun 1990 15:02-16:00 (RADIO 4)
June Barrie (Actor)
Jane Whittenshaw (Actor)
Patricia Hayes (Actor)
Elizabeth Kelly (Actor)
Fraser Kerr (Actor)
Stephen Garlick (Actor)
Heather Bell (Actor)
Naomi Wirthner (Actor)
Jill Truman (Author)
Alec Reid (Producer)
Recorded on 1990-05-04

Broadcast Details

  • First broadcast 19900628 (
    • Radio 4.