Graham Greene's classic comedy adventure.

Read by Anna Massey and Robert Glenister

0120070604At his mother's funeral, retired bank manager Henry Pulling meets his septuagenarian Aunt Augusta for the first time in 50 years.
Accompanying her back to her flat, he is introduced to her very unconventional menage.> 
0220070605Henry's dull suburban life is rudely interrupted when detectives reveal that his dead mother's urn has been used to hide drugs.
Henry's first feelings of anarchy stir within him as his aunt suggests they go abroad.
0320070606Aunt Augusta and Henry fly to Paris with a mysterious and very heavy red suitcase, which Henry is obliged to to carry through customs for her.
They catch the Orient Express and before long Henry finds himself trying out pot with a woman half his age.
0420070607In Istanbul, Aunt Augusta is visited by a colonel of the local police, who is on the trail of a Mr Visconti.
She successfully avoids his amorous attentions, but she and Henry are deported for their pains.
0520070608Henry suggests that he and Aunt Augusta go to Boulogne to see his father's grave.
They meet a Miss Paterson, who reveals an unexpected interest in the deceased.
0620070611Aunt Augusta leaves England and entrusts Henry with the keys to her flat.
Henry doesn't hear from her for several months.
When he visits the flat, detectives follow him in.
0720070612Out of the blue, Henry receives a summons to meet his aunt in Paraguay and bring with him a photograph.
Henry duly complies.
0820070613Wordsworth meets Henry to take delivery of the framed photograph requested by Aunt Augusta.
Henry finds her in an empty villa, awaiting the imminent arrival of Mr Visconti.
0920070614Henry ends up in jail for inadvertently blowing his nose on the Paraguayan national flag.
He finally meets the notorious Mr Visconti and is fully inducted into his criminal enterprises.
10 LAST20070615Henry must choose between returning to his quiet suburban existence or throwing in his lot with Augusta.
But life in Paraguay brings potentially fatal dangers.