"programme Catalogue - Details: 2, The Fire Beneath The Rock"Producer: J.
Next in series: 1/3 - GUNNER SLOW TO ANGER
To avenge the insults to their mother the Njalssons take their spears & ride across the Land Isles.
But further deaths only fuel Mordh Valgardsson's determination to see Gunnar dead.
Part of the Scandinavian Season.
With Bernard Hepton as Njal, Struan Rodger as Gunnar & Maureen O'Brien as Halgairdt.
Produced by Jenny Mortimer
Subject Categories
drama programmes (genre)
Broadcast history
18 Feb 1990 18:30-19:30 (RADIO 3)
Brian Miller (Actor)
Alice Arnold (Actor)
John Church (Actor)
Robert Glenister (Actor)
Bernard Hepton (Actor)
Donald Gee (Actor)
Andrew Branch (Actor)
Shaun Prendergast (Actor)
David King (Actor)
Maureen O'Brien (Actor)
Struan Rodger (Actor)
Vincent Brimble (Actor)
Paul Downing (Actor)
David Goudge (Actor)
Ian Targett (Actor)
Ken Cumberlidge (Actor)
Alan Barker (Actor)
Norman Rodway (narr)
Barbara Jefford (narr)
Jenny Mortimer (Producer)
Recorded on 1989-07-12.

Broadcast Dates

  • 19900218