By Laurence Sterne.

New adaptation of this groundbreaking comic novel.

Tristram attempts to tell his tragi-comic life story through accounts of his family and friends, his experiences and his ideas, but he continually finds he has to digress.

  • announcer....Hugh Dickson
  • bishop hall....Hugh Dickson
  • bridget....ndidi del fatti
  • curate....Hugh Dickson
  • death....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • directed by - Mary Peate
  • dr slop....tony rohr
  • father....david troughton
  • great-grandfather....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • great-grandmother....ndidi del fatti
  • lawyer....Hugh Dickson
  • le fever....Hugh Dickson
  • midwife....ndidi del fatti
  • mother....julia ford
  • obadiah....Stephen Hogan
  • pontificating man....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • susannah....Helen Longworth
  • the eye....Helen Longworth
  • toby....Adrian Scarborough
  • trim....paul ritter
  • tristram....neil dudgeon
  • widow wadman....Deborah Findlay
  • 0220050201Tristram tries to recount the tale of his birth, but keeps getting distracted.
    0320050202Still intent on recounting the story of his birth, Tristram introduces us to the odious Dr Slop.
    0420050203In telling his life story, Tristram still hasn't managed to get beyond being born.
    0520050204After the disaster of Tristram's birth, his Father thinks up a scheme to help his unfortunate son.
    0620050207Having recovered from the disastrous incident with Tristram's nose, his Father is dealt another blow.
    0720050208Tristram's Father receives awful news, and yet another misfortune befalls the boy Tristram.
    0820050209Uncle Toby performs a typical act of kindness and falls in love.
    0920050210Widow Wadman bustles her way into Toby's sentry box and then into his heart.
    10 LAST20050211Events build to a climax for Bridget and Trim in the kitchen, whilst Mrs Wadman is shocked to discover the location of Toby's injury.