Steve Richards presents a series about by-elections which have changed political history.

0101Orpington 19622002052620020529This edition recalls the remarkable Liberal triumph at Orpington in 1962.
0102Hamilton 19672002060220020605This edition focuses on Winnie Ewing's triumph for the Scottish National Party at Hamilton in 1967.
0103Lincoln 19732002060920020612This edition recalls Lincoln in 1973, when former Labour MP Dick Taverne stood against the official Labour candidate.
0201Orpington 19622003092120030924This edition recalls the remarkable Liberal triumph at Orpington in 1962.
0202Warrington 19812003092820031001Steve Richards looks back at the first electoral test for the newly-formed SDP in 1981.
Roy Jenkins took on the challenge at Warrington and came within a whisker of winning.
0203Darlington 19832003100520031008This edition recalls the Darlington poll in 1983 in which Labour held the seat by the smallest of margins.
0204 LASTEastbourne2003101220031015Steve Richards looks back to the campaign fought at Eastbourne.
After the Conservative MP, Ian Gow, was killed by the IRA, surely voters would return another Tory or could the Liberal Democrats overcome a 17,000 Conservative majority?
0301Ribble Valley 199120041205200412081991's Ribble Valley by-election was John Major's first electoral test as PM.
0302Fulham 198620041212200412151986's poll in Fulham saw the Alliance disappointed and the first signs of New Labour.
0303Stechford 19772004121920041222the 1977 battle for the Stechford constituency in Birmingham and the effect of the Lib-Lab pact.