Programme Catalogue - Details: 03 October 1967Producer: WILLIAMS, Keith
SBH:The Trouble With You, Lillian; No.
1 - Trouble on the Line.
Author: Jennifer Phillips.
Producer: Keith Williams.
NTS:Trade Disks Used: Aviary Discord (Wolf Droysen) Impress Orchestra.
1A 165 - B 00'39"" Toytown March (Wolf Broysen) Impress Orchestra.
1A 165 - B 00'28"" OTN:TLN 38 DB 826 TXN/TDT:R4 03-Oct-1967 RES:Copyright: PF Commercials (trade disks only) ANT:Op.
& Cl.
Broadcast history
03 Oct 1967 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)
Patricia Hayes (Actor)
Beryl Reid (Actor)
Anna Burden (Actor)
Jennifer Phillips (Author)
Keith Williams (Producer)
Notes: CAIRS 294395.

Broadcast Dates

  • 19671003