By Brian B Thompson.

Was the murder of a student a drug wars killing, or are more sinister forces at work? The investigation falls to Trueman, a former high-flying detective.


A student has been found shot dead next to a bag of cocaine.

But is it a routine drugland killing or something more sinister? The Chief Super needs an outsider she can trust.

And you can't get much more of an outsider than Trueman.

  • alison knight....polly hemingway
  • amy....Katy Cavanagh
  • directed by - Toby Swift
  • professor creighton....richard lintern
  • riley....Duncan Preston
  • the psychologist....sandra clark
  • trueman....Robert Daws
  • by.... - - - - brian b thompson

  • 01Angel Heights20050715

    A young stable jockey has been killed by a horse in what appears to have been an accident.

    When Trueman and Riley come sniffing round, they discover a corner of the horse racing world riddled with double-dealing: a trainer who deliberately runs horses over the wrong distance to bring down their handicap before landing a betting coup when they go over the right trip; a telephone tipster who gives one tip on his recorded message and a different one to his special clients; stable lads prepared to give inside information in return for favours.

    Can Trueman penetrate this closed world and discover the truth behind Emma Slater's death?

  • directed by - Toby Swift
  • helen turner....sammy dobson
  • keith fletcher....Gerard Mcdermott
  • riley....Duncan Preston
  • sir james huntley....Michael Cochrane
  • trueman....Robert Daws
  • by.... - - - - brian b thompson

  • 02The Road To Hull20050722

    Trueman and Riley are unhappy at the opening of Club Paradiso, a new lap dancing club in Hull.

    It's run by Cockney criminal Terry Stuart who has moved north to try his entrepreneurial hand on the Humber and join brother Frank who had already moved to the city.

    The Stuart brothers were well known as career criminals - GBH, ABH, theft and fraud were just a few of the things that they had been convicted of.

    Not the sort of businessmen Trueman and Riley want on their patch.

    But Frank now appears to have turned over a new leaf, found God and is working as a bus driver.

  • annabelle....jo theaker
  • directed by - Jenny Stephens
  • frank stuart....Henry Goodman
  • riley....Duncan Preston
  • terry stuart....harry myers
  • trueman....Robert Daws
  • by.... - - - - brian b thompson

  • 03 LASTHigh Windows20050729

    A film crew are in Hull, making a bio-pic of Philip Larkin, but they are being plagued by pranks and petty thefts.

    Events are overshadowed by the mysterious death of a local car thief? Could there be a connection?

  • Kate Saunders....Susan Penhaligon
  • directed by - Jenny Stephens
  • jimmy mcewan....Gerard Kelly
  • phoebe beresford....Naomi Kerbel
  • riley....Duncan Preston
  • trueman....Robert Daws