Julian Rhind-Tutt reads from Thomas Hardy's classic, abridged in 10 parts by Lisa Osborne.

0120061030A company of dragoons enlivens a quiet Wessex village in the early years of the Napoleonic Wars.
0220061031Anne is smitten by the glamour of the 19th Dragoons, but not as smitten as someone is with her.
0320061101The village of Overcombe is excited by the arrival of the King and a humble sailor home from the sea.
0420061102Bob Loveday is home from the sea and has quite forgotten his old sweetheart.
0520061103The mill at Overcombe awakes to find that the honoured guest has vanished in the night.
0620061106John has fallen from favour just as his regiment is ordered away, while Bob is pining for Matilda.
0720061107The village is startled by the night-time arrival of the 'arch enemy of mankind'.
0820061108Bob renounces his love for his brother?s sake and returns to the sea to fight for his country.
0920061109Broken-hearted Anne waits for Bob and gradually realises that there is another, more faithful, brother close to hand.
10 LAST20061110True love at last at Overcombe Mill, but which brother has won the heart of the maiden?