Four programmes about television news presented by BBC correspondent Martin Bell.

0101News And Neutrality1997051619970518 
0102News And War1997052319970525These days war is waged with half an eye on a non-combatant third force - television.
Martin Bell scrutinises the conduct of his fellow war reporters and the television companies that employ them.
Such is the power of television that it can even change the way the military does its business.
And sometimes it can be less frustrating dealing with warlords than with editors back in London.
0103News And Money1997053019970601do not mix, and yet television journalism has become a big-money business.
Martin Bell looks at the top operators and the pressure heaped upon their correspondents in the field.
He recalls powerful figures he has angered during his career, and countries from which he has been deported.
And he asks if television will lose what is left of its integrity.
0104 LASTNews And Truth1997060619970608BBC foreign correspondents enjoy far more freedom than those in the American television networks.
But with that comes extra responsibility - to get things right, to be scrupulous with the facts and not to cut corners for the sake of a gripping lead story.