Turf Wars [documentary]

Three talks in which Gerry Anderson takes to the byways of Northern Ireland to discover the little details of difference that make life in the Province a very particular puzzle.


01The Mothership2004020820040214

""Is it any wonder our politicians have an inflated sense of their own importance? Imagine if the Dalai Lama and George Bush went out of their way to meet Scunthorpe Town Council and appeared to hang on to every word the councillors uttered."".

02Suffer The Children2004021520040221
03 LASTA Swastika On The Shoulder, Tattoos And Talk Of Jesus2004022220040228

This week Gerry visits the Springfield Inter-Community Forum near Belfast's so-called Peaceline: "I flick through a well-produced publication called the Interface News.

You probably won't see this on the shelves at W.H.


It should be.

On one page is a spoof advert; 'For sale; ten petrol bombs; unleaded.

One careful owner."