Mark Stephens looks at the turning point in peoples' lives.

01 20070402 Mark Stephen hears Andy Fitchett's remarkable story and how Andy's imminent death has transformed his attitude to life.
01 20071001 Colin Parry's life changed forever when his 12 year old son Tim was fatally injured in an IRA bombing campaign.
He tells Mark how he now devotes his life to campaigning for peace.
02 20071008 Hugh and Ellen Muir have devoted their lives to giving love and support to special needs children.
02Piers Sellers20070409 What impact does a walk in space have on your belief in life and the universe? Mark Stephen finds out when he talks to British born astronaut Dr Piers Sellers 
03 20070416 Mark Stephen hears how hypochondria nearly ruined Laura Anglim's life.
03 20071015 Lauren St John discovered her childhood in Rhodesia was far from idyllic following the country's independence.
04 2007042320080217Dorothy Maclean is the last surviving founder member of the Findhorn Foundation.
Mark Stephen hears about the spiritual values that led her to help establish the community in the early 1960's.
04 20071022 Simon Calder has visited many spiritual places, but the one that means the most to him is in Scotland.
05 20070430  
05 20071029 John Wagner realised his 'rock and roll' lifestyle was going to be the death of him.
06 20070507  
06 20071105 Chantel Mrimi tells Mark Stephen how her poor childhood in Zaire gave her the determination to seek a better life in Scotland.
06 LAST 20080323 He talks to musician Alastair McDonald about the importance of faith in his life.
07 20070514  
07 20080309 As a 16-year-old student Ed Husain, became an Islamic fundamentalist.
But witnessing a murder was to change his life forever.
07Tommy Sinclair20071112 Orkney farmer Tommy Sinclair tells Mark Stephen his passion for taking risks is very much in his blood.
08 2007052120080224A champagne lifestyle was not fulfilling Glasgow born Nagaraja, who turned instead to Buddhism.
08Chris Lee20071119 What makes you hate the person you love? Chris Lee tells Mark Stephen of the day he discovered his girlfriend was HIV positive and had kept it from him for the last two years.
09 20070528  
09Martha Long20071126 This week's Turning point is not going to be an easy listen.
Martha Long was physically, mentally and sexually abused by her stepfather 'Jacker' and then prostituted out to his neighbours for a few cigarettes, but remarkably she found the strength to forgive him.
10 2007060420080302Former fisherman Jim Ralph's life changed direction following a tragic accident at sea.
10 20071203 In this Turning Point, Opera singer Linda Esther Gray tells Mark Stephen how she coped when she lost the ability to sing and in the process her successful career and lifestyle.
11 20070611  
11 20071210 Karen Darke always thought she'd rather be dead than paralysed, and even said it to a friend the night before the climbing accident that did leave her paralysed.
Karen talks to Mark Stephen about her Turning Point that led her to a new beginning.
12 20070618 Colin McKay's admission that he was gay led to his expulsion from his church.
12 20071217 Mark Stephen talks to Sarah Wade, who has been working tirelessly with Romanian orphans for the last 8 years.
13 LAST 20070625 Norma Irvine felt her life was incomplete following four failed IVF attempts.
13 LAST 20071224 After surviving a serious illness that left him just 20 minutes from death, Andrew Greig was inspired to pick up his golf clubs after 35 years and tour 18 courses around Scotland on his road to recovery.
Andrew shares his Turning Point and his fairway to heaven with Mark Stephen.
  20080316 Mark Stephens looks at the turning point in peoples' lives.
Colin McKay's admission that he was gay led to his expulsion from his church.