The Tv Lark

After four series of 'The Navy Lark', the BBC decided the comedy crew needed a new setting, so where better than brand new independent station, Troutbridge TV?


01Opening Night1963012520210103 (BBC7)Abandon ship! Take one naval crew - disembark them and drop anchor at a TV station - and you have 'The TV Lark'.

New Deputy Controller of Programmes, Henry Povey spots some familiar faces...

02The Prestige Show1963020120210110 (BBC7)With only one commercial to play, struggling new channel Troutbridge TV stages a flagship show to boost its viewing figures.
03Z Ambulances1963020820210117 (BBC7)A live drama serial could make money for Troutbridge TV. But can they manage to produce it?
04House Of Commons1963021520210124 (BBC7)Troutbridge TV must transmit a Party Political Broadcast. And Phillips is off to a ball.
05Back To Portsmouth1963022220210131 (BBC7)Troutbridge TV is offered coverage of the arrival of Potarneyland's retiring governor.
06On Safari1963030120210207 (BBC7)The Troutbridge TV team heads to Africa for 'Up The Creek' with naturalists Maggie and Arnold Crump.
07Ship Ahoy1963030820210214 (BBC7)Troutbridge TV's new naval show is set to film a mine sweeper sailing to the breakers' yard.
10 LASTBack In The Navy1963032920210221 (BBC7)The ex-shipmates are all at sea, when they discover their brief careers at Troutbridge TV are over.