01Opening Night1963012520120120 (R4+)
20130222 (R4+)
Troutbridge TV's new Deputy Controller, Henry Povey soon spots some familiar faces.
02The Prestige Show1963020120120127 (R4+)
20120128 (R4+)
20130301 (R4+)
Fledgling channel Troutbridge TV stages a gala programme to boost its viewership.
03Z Ambulances1963020820120203 (R4+)
20130308 (R4+)
A live drama serial could make money for Troutbridge TV. But can they manage to make it?
04House Of Commons1963021520120210 (R4+)
20130315 (R4+)
Troutbridge TV has to transmit a party political broadcast, and Phillips is off to a ball. With Janet Brown.
05Back To Portsmouth1963022220120217 (R4+)
20130322 (R4+)
Troutbridge TV is offered coverage of the arrival of Potarneyland's retiring governor.
Troutbridge TV is offered coverage of the arrival of Potarneyland's retiring governor. Navy Lark spin-off stars Jon Pertwee. From February 1963.
Navy Lark spin-off stars Jon Pertwee. From February 1963.
06On Safari1963030120120224 (R4+)
20130329 (R4+)
20130330 (R4+)
The TV team heads to Africa for 'Up the Creek' with naturalists Maggie and Arnold Crump.
07Ship Ahoy1963030820120302 (R4+)
20130405 (R4+)
Troutbridge TV's new naval show is set to film a minesweeper sailing to the breakers' yard.
08The Potarneyland Election1963031520120309 (R4+)
20130412 (R4+)
Troutbridge TV hitches a lift aboard a destroyer to cover a far-flung historic ballot.
09 19630322  
10 LASTBack In The Navy1963032920120316 (R4+)
20130419 (R4+)
The ex-shipmates are all at sea when they discover their brief television careers are over.

Alternate Titles

  • Until the BBC released these unofficial titles given by fans were:
    1. Opening Night
    2. Advertising Drive
    3. The Party Political Broadcast
    4. Back to Portsmouth
    5. Serial Programming
    6. The African Incident
    7. Yours, or MINE!!!
    8. The Portarneyland Election
    9. Back in the Navy

Broadcast Dates

  • I'm going to hold off the dates till I'm sure the BBC7 is broadcasting all the episodes and in the correct sequence, so there's a BBC7 series for the time being.



  • "Sitcoms / Comedy"


  • Episode 9 is missing - BBC7 play "Back In The Navy" in its place and say there were only nine episodes.


Programme Details

  • Programme ID: b019f7n4


  • Many of the episodes in circulation are off-air broadcasts supplied by a listener and are of varying quality.


  • An odd spin-off of The Navy Lark, which ran between the 4th and 5th series - it was diue to a BBC executive who claimed that "forces comedy" was no longer popular.
  • I've seen listings where this is included in The Navy Lark sequence.
  • "Back In The Navy" is sometimes listed by the BBC as an episode of "The Navy Lark".