Twelve Means I Love You

By Regina Kaiser and Uwe Karlstedt, dramatised for radio by Tracy Spottiswoode.

Regina Kaiser fears the worst when, in April 1981, she is arrested at her flat in Berlin and taken to Stasi headquarters for questioning.

Uwe Karlstedt, a tall, blond, 26-year- old Stasi officer is charged with interrogating her and compiling the report that will send her to prison.

As they face each other across the table for the first time, Regina and Uwe both feel an unexpected attraction.

This strange meeting will have a profound effect on both

their lives.

Regina....Eiry Thomas

Uwe....Steffan Rhodri

Ludmilla....Sara McGaughey

Adler....Paul Humpoletz

Ellen....Clare Isaac

Photographer....Simon Ludders

Son of Uwe....Gareth Pierce

Director Kate McAll.