Six programmes featuring forgotten sporting heroes.

0201'ample' Arthur Cartwright 20151208 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. John Motson tells the story of the football tactician and part-time archaeologist. From June 1997.
0202Terry Framwell 20151215 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Dougie Donnelly tells the story of probably the best one-legged bowls player ever. From June 1997.
0203Pigeonmilk Bob 20151222 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Gerald Sinstadt tells the story of Eric Sarby and his prize-winning greyhound. From June 1997.
 01 19970604 John Motson tells the story of football tactician and part-time archaeologist `Ample' Arthur Cartwright.
 01Gentleman Jack Perkins 20150929 (R4+)Des Lynam tells the story a turn-of-the-century boxing toff who never quite made it. From May 1995.
 02 19970611  
 02Doug And Demelza Davidson 20151006 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. David Vine tells the story of Britain's most intrepid mixed lugers. From May 1995.
 03 19970618  
 03Archie Mcgillivray 20151013 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Tony Gubba tells the story of the world's greatest golfing balloonist. From May 1995.
 04 19970625  
 04Gertrude Trelawny Ferris 20151020 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Gerald Sinstadt tells the story of the sporting all-rounder Gertrude Trelawny Ferris. From June 1995.
 05 19970702  
 05Frankie Swoop 20151027 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Barry Davies tells the story of a most precociously talentless footballer. From June 1995.
 06Hugo De Vries 20151103 (R4+)Forgotten sporting heroes. Steve Rider tells the story of the reckless but exciting racing driver. From June 1995.
 06 LAST 19970709  
  Genome: [r4 Bd=19970611]  The second of six characters in the collection of fictional sporting heroes. Written by Simon Bullivant Producer Richard Wilson


Genome: [r4 bd=19970611] contributors

  • Written By: Simon Bullivant
  • Producer: Richard Wilson


  • 15 Minutes


  • Documentaries / Life Stories / Factual / Sport