0120051017Two Lives
By Vikram Seth.
His new book, abridged in five parts by Alison Joseph, is a voyage around two remarkable relatives called Auntie Henny and Shanti Uncle who had exotic beginnings, but ended up happily in Hendon until their respective deaths.
He was from Biswas, she was from Berlin and certainly 'towered' over him.
Read by Sam Dastor and Renu Setna.
0220051018Shanti Uncle takes lodgings at the Caro family apartment in Berlin and destiny calls to him on the eve of war.
0320051019Uncle Shantis describes how he lost an arm in combat and still succeeded in his vocation - dentistry.
0420051020Shanti and Henny enjoy a brisk marriage ceremony and someone breaks a lot of glasses.
05 LAST20051021Shanti is ailing and the author must decipher some remaining details of his life.