Two-pipe Problem, Here Doggie



Anne Reid and Honor Blackman join Richard Briers and Stanley Baxter in this latest Two Pipe Problem, written by Michael Chaplin.

The Old Beeches care-worker Karen has a new pet; Poppet, a rambunctiously badly behaved Scottie dog.

Manager Mary issues an ultimatum - the pet goes, or you both go, and Sandy persuades another resident ,a retired variety artiste called Norman Naylor who once had a dog-novelty act, to start training the dog on the nearby common.

His wife Nelly, who also lives in the home, sees this as yet another opportunity for her husband to return to his old philandering ways.

And one day, he doesn't return, and neither does Poppet.

William and Sandy follow Norman's trail to an elegant home near the Common, belonging to a retired BBC Home Service announcer called Diana, with whom Norman and Poppet have taken residence. Norman confesses he met her on the common where she was exercising her dog.

Nelly appears, and tells Diana of Norman's skill at picking up women via 'his bloody dogs'. Norman sadly acknowledges it's always been the best way to go a-wooing. Meanwhile Poppet takes off through an open door and heads for a main road nearby, followed by Norman. Tune in to find out what happens next!


Sandy Boyle....Stanley Baxter

William Parnes....Richard Briers

Karen....Tracy Wiles

Norman/Postie/Post Office Clerk....Sam Dale

Mary....Jillie Meers

Poppet the Dog/PC Marlowe/Tedious Customer....David Holt

Diana....Honor Blackman

Nellie....Anne Reid.

William and Sandy track down a missing dog and a philandering variety artiste.