Two Pipe Problems, Have You Come Far?


02 LAST20110223

We return to The Old Beeches, a retirement home for elderly thespians, in the company of William and Sandy; two actors who still nurse a certain affectionate animosity towards one another since they starred as Holmes and Watson in a 1960s television series.

Sandy appears in the honours list but a trip to Buckingham Palace to collect his award provides another mystery for the veteran sleuths to solve.


Sandy Boyle....Stanley Baxter

William Parnes....Richard Briers

Karen....Tracy Wiles

Postman....David Shaw-Parker

Charles, Equerry to HRH....Julian Rhind-Tutt

Doctor Mortimer....Geoffrey Whitehead

Marvin....Stephen Critchlow

Elsie....Linda Broughton

Producer/Director: Marilyn Imrie

A Catherine Bailey production for BBC Radio 4.

William and Sandy are faced with another intriguing mystery during a trip to the Palace.