Two Priests And A Nun Go Into A Pub

Paul Merton interviews six leading comedians who, like him, were raised as Catholics and asks what influenced them.


05Fiona Allen2000051320040101 (BBC7)
05Fiona Allen2000051320040101 (BBC7)
06Kathy Burke2000052020040108 (BBC7)

0101Paul O'grady2000041520031127 (BBC7)
20040708 (BBC7)
20040709 (BBC7)

Paul O'grady, aka Lily Savage.

0102Graham Linehan2000042220031204 (BBC7)
20040715 (BBC7)
20040716 (BBC7)

The co-creator of 'Father Ted'.

0103Julian Clary2000042920031211 (BBC7)
20040722 (BBC7)
20040723 (BBC7)

Paul talks to Julian Clary about his life and influences which range from The Good Life to Alan Bennett.

0104Pauline Mclynn2000050620031218 (BBC7)
20040729 (BBC7)
20040730 (BBC7)

The actress Pauline Mclynn talks about Mrs Doyle, Catholicism and falling over.

0105Fiona Allen2000051320040101 (BBC7)
20040805 (BBC7)
20040806 (BBC7)

from Smack The Pony talks about Bury, punk Rock and the influence of the Catholic Church.

0106 LASTKathy Burke2000052020040108 (BBC7)
20040812 (BBC7)
20040813 (BBC7)

talks about the loss of her mother, the Irish community in Islington and being an actress, writer and director.