Two Welsh Hills

A new piece of writing, recorded on location, exploring features of great significance to the landscape, wildlife and psyche of Wales - hills.


01Horatio Clare *20090803

Horatio Clare climbs from the bottom (where his mother now lives) to the top of the hill in Cwmdu, in the Black Mountains, where he grew up on a sheep farm.

As Horatio climbs, he describes the geology, the flora and fauna, even the smell of this wild place - telling the stories of its people, and reflecting on how it formed him.

02 LASTOsi Rhys Osmond *20090803

Painter and writer Osi Rhys Osmond walks around and up Mynydd Machen, to where spoil from the Risca colliery was hauled more than 1,000 feet up and then dumped.

He explores how, as the coal industry disappeared, many such tips were flattened in a three-dimensional airbrushing of history, or possibly because they were too painful a memory.

But some were fought for and have remained.

He reflects on how the Mynydd Machen tip is being reclaimed by plants, animals and birds - and by people too.