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Madame at Court

First of two programmes in which Miriam Karlin reads from the letters of the Duchess of Orleans, the German wife of ' Monsieur,' younger brother of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Compiled by TERENCE COOPER Introduced by CORMAC RIGBY

Throughout her 50 years at the French Court this tough and witty German Princess was known by the grand title of ' Madame.' Her letters are among the most extraordinary documents about European Court life in existence.

' I consider myself so ugly that I have never been tempted to use much ornamentation. It was a good thing that I felt like this because Monsieur, who was extremely fond of dressing up, would have had hundreds of quarrels with me as to which of us should wear the most beautiful diamonds.'



Unknown: Miriam Karlin

Unknown: Terence Cooper

Introduced By: Cormac Rigby

Produced By: Hallam Tennyson