Uncle Varick [Drama On 3]

By John Byrne.

Shona....Vicki Masson

Directed by Lu Kemp


20040627Uncle Varick

By John Byrne.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Anton Chekhov, Radio 3 presents a new version of Uncle Vanya by acclaimed Scottish playwright John Byrne.

The action takes place on an estate in the remote North East of Scotland in the mid-sixties. Uncle Varick and his niece Shona have been running the estate, farm and the brewery for the benefit of Varick's brother-in-law, the literary critic and TV pundit Sandy Sheridan. When Sandy decides to retire to the estate with his young wife Elaine, their presence throws the lives of the inhabitants into disarray. Uncle Varick is desperate having, he believes, surrendered his chance at life and love for the benefit of a man he now knows to be a charlatan. Deeply in love with Elaine, Varick's crisis drives the action to a darkly comic, tragic finale.

Uncle Varick....Paul Young

Sandy....Sandy Neilson

Doctor....Richard Greenwood

Estate Worker....Robert Jack

Shona....Vicki Masson

Elaine....Selina Boyack

Mother....Sheila Donald

Willie John Telfer....John Shedden

Kirsty Morag....Anne Lacey

Guitar arranged and performed by Kevin MacKenzie

The production was first staged by the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Directed by Lu Kemp"

"By John Byrne.

Shona....Vicki Masson

Directed by Lu Kemp