Uncovering Iran - Telling Stories

A week of short stories from Iran.


AR01The Shemiran Bus20060925

By Goli Taraghi.

Read by Nathalie Armin and abridged by Doreen Estall.

A young woman reflects on her childhood and remembers a secret and unlikely friendship.

AR02Vakil Bazaar20060926

By Simin Daneshvar.

Read by Betsabeh Emran and abridged by Doreen Estall.

A six-year-old girl accompanies her nanny, Marmar, to the market place.

When the girl is lost in the crowds and commotion, Marmar is too busy flirting with an admirer to notice.

Translated by Maryam Mafi.

AR03The Apartment - 120060927

By Zoya Pirzad, read by Nathalie Armin.

Mahnaz has had enough of her husband's traditional ways.

The search for an apartment of her own is the first step on the road to divorce.

Translated by Narguess Farzad.

AR04The Apartment - 220060928

Simin faces a life alone when she discovers that her talent for housekeeping is driving her husband away.

So when Mahnaz goes to view Simin's apartment, the two women find food for thought.

AR05 LASTThe Gift20060929

By Marjan Kamali, read by Teresa Gallagher.

Darya believes that Mr Dashti will make the perfect gift for her daughter.

But Mina is not so sure, can she convince her mother otherwise?