Under The Greenwood Tree


Genome: [r4 Bd=19691013]by THOMAS HARDY dramatised for radio by DENIS CONSTANDUROS

Thomas Hardy 's delightful rustic romance may be simply another retelling of ' boy meets girl,' but the comedy and the acute observation of people on a realistic level give it a freshness and an evergreen quality which it has retained from the time it was written. It was the first of Hardy's novels with Lynn Farleigh as Fancy Day

Malcolm Young as Dick Dewey Hedley Goodall as Reuben Dewey Violinist


Produced by BRIAN MILLER

Genome: [r4 Bd=19691013] Unknown: Thomas Hardy

Unknown: Denis Constanduros

Unknown: Lynn Farleigh

Unknown: Malcolm Young

Unknown: Dick Dewey

Unknown: Hedley Goodall

Violinist: Reuben Dewey

Violinist: Jim Coleman

Produced By: Brian Miller

Storyteller: Brian Haines

Robert Penny: Harry Carter

Mrs Dewey: Ruby Luscombe

Thomas Leaf: Robert Bashford

Elias Spinks: George Mattock

Joseph Bowman: Hubert Tucker

Farmer Shiner: Alan Haines

The Rev Maybold: Rex Holdsworth

Geoffrey Day: Brian Haines

Mrs Day: Angela Brooking

Mrs Endorfield: Daphne Heard