Under The Skin



In showbusiness, there is the old joke about beginning a career by playing the back end of the cow in pantomime, but for many this was their chosen role, and one which they took very seriously.

Bernie Clifton, famous for his performing Ostrich, explores the world of the 'skin performer', who each Christmas would play the cow in Jack and the Beanstalk, the cat in Dick Whittington or the goose which brings fortune to Mother Goose.

With the help of some of this select band of performers, he discovers the techniques and the problems of bringing these scene-stealers to life.

0101The Outer Layer20030311

Edi Stark uncovers the secrets of the skin.

How does skin work and change as we age, and what happens when the functions of the skin go wrong?

0102 LASTSkip Deep20030318

Edi Stark finds out how much the skin reveals, and what it's like to live with irreparable damage to the skin.