01Have You Heard The Music Man?19980827

First of three plays about memory by David Napthine.

Ex-trombonist George cannot remember his son's name, but put on some music and it's remarkable how he recalls his days on the road - and in what intimate detail...

With Windsor Davies, Carol McGuigan and Jack McBride.

Director Jonquil Panting


Recovering from a head injury, Terri has to keep notes to help her damaged memory.

Then her notebooks begin to contradict each other.

With Jo-Anne Horan, John Lloyd Fillingham, Sharon Percy and Sonia Beinroth.

Director Jonquil Panting

03 LASTMay All Your Wishes Come True19980910

A play about memory by David Napthine.

Billy is found wandering the streets of Newcastle with no idea of his past.

Until his memory returns, the only thing to do is wait - or is it? With Derek Walmsley, Charlie Hardwick, Phillip King and Terence Mann.

Director Jonquil Panting