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by Ray Connolly

An unusual and highly personal look at a murder that shocked the world.

When John Lennon was shot outside his New York apartment the world's press were desperate for interviews in order to feed the world's insatiable demand for anything related to the dead singer.

This presented Ray Connolly with something of a dilemma.

The very day Lennon was murdered, Connolly was scheduled to fly out to interview him.

This would have been Lennon's first interview with a British journalist for something like 10 years.

Although a journalist, Connolly was also Lennon's friend and this is why Lennon had agreed to be interviewed after such a long silence.

It would have provided Connolly with a major coup.

Instead he finds himself besieged by his fellow journalists.

The play focuses on Connolly's reaction to the singers death and the conflict within his own mind between the Lennon's public image and his private lifestyle.

He could clearly sense the creation of the many myths and legends that have subsequently come to surround the former Beatle.

Ray Connolly....Robert Glenister

Plum....Jenny Funnell

Louise....Clare Corbett

Dominic....Nicholas Carter

Keiron....Thomas Helm

Sociologist....Ian Masters

Musicologist....Alan Leith

US DJ....Tim Flavin

Taxi driver....Richard Tate

Reporter....Sidney Sloane

Director Martin Jenkins

John Lennon's killing from writer Ray Connolly's point of view.

Stars Robert Glenister.

Due to meet the ex-Beatle in New York - John Lennon's killing from writer Ray Connolly's point of view.