Unrest In Peace

Patrick Wright investigates the controversial arguments taking place in our cemeteries.



Every year in the UK, 600,000 people die and cemeteries and graveyards in some cities are already so full that unless something drastic is done, new burials may have to stop in just 10 to 15 years.

And this despite the fact that this country has one of the world's highest cremation rates.

Across the globe, even moderately populated cities now exhume their ancestors to make way for the dead of the future.

In Britain, should we do the same?

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Once they were elegant burial grounds, dignified by religious figures and ornate carvings.

In a religious age, they were at the heart of the social landscape.

But today, as Patrick finds out, the booming rate of cremation has forced an identity crisis on cemeteries.

With over 76 % of northern Europeans now choosing cremation, the graveyard has become a different kind of place.

Patrick looks at some of the solutions offered to our current predicament - from above-ground mausoleums to conversion of cemeteries into public parks and cafes.