The Unswayables - Trump's Loyal Army


2016103120161102 (R4)

Michael Goldfarb is in Pennsylvania hearing the reasons Americans are voting Trump.

As election day draws near in the United States one thing is clear: no revelation about Donald Trump will dissuade his loyalists from voting for him. During the course of the campaign his overwhelmingly white supporters have been dismissed as racist and poorly educated but is that an accurate assessment?

It is very likely Trump will receive the votes of more than 40% of the American electorate. That is a lot of voters, more than just the stereotype of embittered, left behind by globalisation workers that has become a cliche of campaign coverage.

In this documentary Michael Goldfarb travels to western Pennsylvania, once a Democratic stronghold now tilting heavily Republican. He spends more than a few minutes with Trump supporters listening to them and their reasons for supporting the candidate. How do they see the world? How do they learn about the world? What media do they use? He also explores what happens should their man lose.

More than any election of recent decades this campaign has revealed an America divided. How, after a campaign such a Trump's, can it be brought back together?