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Greg Lawson20161125

Greg Lawson20161125

Greg Lawson searches the archive for the voices behind Martyn Bennett's last album, Grit.

Greg Lawson20161125

In 2015, Greg Lawson brought the GRIT Orchestra to the stage for the first time with his orchestration of Martyn Bennett's album of the same name to great acclaim. GRIT was Bennett's last album before his passing in 2005 and he used lots of samples of songs and stories from the travelling people of Scotland and the Gaelteachd traditions of the Hebrides. Greg goes in search of some of those voices to try and understand the culture they represent. This includes a look at the dying Cant language of Perthshire with Sheila Stewart, the story of the Tarland witch told by Lizzie Higgins and a look at the man who inspired Martyn's choices, Hamish Henderson.