Versailles And Paris Month


EMSA Musical Day In The Life Of Louis Xiv2008021020080218BBC Radio 3's series dedicated to the music of Paris continues as Lucie Skeaping recreates a possible day in the life of King Louis XIV.

After waking in his sumptuous bedchamber, the king follows a busy schedule before entertaining guests at supper and retiring late in the evening.

At every part of the day, musicians are on hand to entertain or soothe him, or to trumpet his arrival.

Olivier Baumont, a harpsichordist and expert on French Baroque music, guides Lucie through the Palace of Versailles to illustrate some of the music the king may have heard.

EMSLe Concert Spirituel2008021720080225Catherine Bott meets Herve Niquet, current director of Le Concert Spirituel, the noted French concert society.

She also talks to musicologist Jean-Paul Montagnier, from Nancy University.

The trio talk about the composers and performers who were closely associated with Le Concert, the first concert organisation in France specialising in performance of French grands motets.

Featuring music by Mondonville, Campra, Gilles and Leclair.

EMSLully's Paris2008021620080224Lucie Skeaping takes a journey around central Paris, revealing the haunts of one the city's greatest composers, Jean-Baptiste Lully.
EMSMusicians Of Versailles2008020920080217Catherine Bott looks at some of the many composers who were employed by the French royal family from the time of Louis XIII up to the Revolution at the end of the 18th century.

Musicians such as Marin Marais, the Couperin brothers, Andre Campra, Claude Balbastre, Francois Philidor, Louis-Claude Daquin and Andre Destouches all lived and/or worked at the palace of Versailles at some point during their career and wrote some of their best-known pieces for royal occasions.

EMSNotre Dame And The Sorbonne2008022420080303Lucie Skeaping visits Notre Dame where she meets Benjamin Bagby and Katarina Livljanic, both performers and directors of medieval music ensembles, and lecturers in medieval music performance practice at the Sorbonne, Paris.

They talk about some of the composers of the medieval period and how they influenced the development of western music.

Katerina and Benjamin also take Lucie to the Left Bank to discover how the Sorbonne evolved.

Music includes works by Leonin and Perotin, and examples of the earliest motets and conductus form.

EMSThe Development Of The Parisian Chanson2008022320080302Catherine Bott continues the exploration of the early music of Versailles and Paris with a look at the rise of the Parisian chanson, a form of 15th-century French song made hugely popular through composers such as Claudin de Sermisy and Clement Janequin.
EMSThe Palace Of Versailles2008020320080211Lucie Skeaping and Catherine Bott visit the Palace of Versailles to learn about its transformation from a humble hunting lodge into one of Europe's most impressive royal residences.

Versailles historian Pierre Arizzoli-Clementel and Prof Tony Spawforth act as their guides through the many mysteries and splendours of the famous chateau that employed some of the most important musicians in Europe, including Boesset, Lully, Couperin, Marais, Campra, Chambonnieres and Lalande.

EMSThe Versailles Centre For Baroque Music2008020220080210Lucie Skeaping launches BBC Radio 3's focus throughout February on music from Paris and Versailles with an exploration of France's continuing rediscovery of its own baroque music.