A Very British Story

Michael Freedland presents a four-part personal exploration of the British film industry over the last 60 years.


0119990108In the first programme, he takes a look at the British industry as a whole and talks about the film studios like Pinewood, Elstree, Denham and Ealing.

With contributions from Bryan Forbes, Peter Rogers, Lord Puttnam, Michael Winner and Jack Gold.

0219990115In the second programme, he takes a look at some of Britain's great cinematic successes, from `The Private Life of Henry VIII' to `Gandhi' and `Chariots of Fire'.

With contributions from Lord Puttnam, Michael Winner, Bryan Forbes, Peter Rogers and Sir Sidney Samuelson.

0319990122In the third programme, he looks at the Rank Organisation, Pinewood Studios and the American influence on British cinema.

With contributions from Larry Adler, Dirk Bogarde, Virginia Mckenna, Sir John Mills, Peter Rogers, Dora Bryan, Lord Puttnam, Bryan Forbes, Ron Moody and Gregory Peck.

04 LAST19990129In this programme, he looks at the film output of the famous Ealing Studios.

With contributions from Sir John Mills, Larry Adler, Sir Michael Balcon, Alexander Mackendrick, Jack Gold, Christopher Lee and Sir Sidney Samuelson.