The Victorian In The Wall [Drama]


DRAMA2016062020181128 (R4)Will Adamsdale's delightful comedy about a writer who discovers a Victorian in his home.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

By Will Adamsdale, with additional material by the company.
Songs and music by Chris Branch and Will Adamsdale.

A work-shy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. Everyone’s pretty surprised. Adjustments need to be made. Can the strange visitor unlock his hopeless career? His flagging relationship? A story buried in these walls for over a century? (Doubt it. Maybe. Yes.)

Adapted from his hit stage show, Will Adamsdale and the original cast perform this delightful comedy with songs at the BBC Radio Theatre.

Guy.... Will Adamsdale
Elms.... Matthew Steer
Fi.... Melanie Wilson
Rob.... Jason Barnett

The Victorian In The Wall was originally co-produced for the stage by Fuel and the Royal Court Theatre, and directed by Lyndsey Turner.

Director for Radio 4: Sasha Yevtushenko.