Victorian Interiors

A series of documentary dramas revealing the inside stories of four eminent Victorian partnerships.


01Dickens And The Mouse19980107

In 1857, Charles Dickens's marriage was in crisis... With Michael Kitchen, Emily Richard, Colleen Prendergast and Ann Beach. Written by Michael Butt. Director Penny Gold

02Hand It To Harriet19980114

While still in his twenties, the great social thinker John Stuart Mill was close to a mental breakdown.

Then he met Harriet Taylor...

Written by Michael Butt.

With Nicholas Boulton, Victoria Carling, Kim Wall and Geoffrey Whitehead.

Director Penny Gold

03Carlyle's Silent Room19980121

The life of great historian Thomas Carlyle was utterly changed by the discovery of his wife's diary... Written by Michael Butt. With Denys Hawthorne and Morag Hood. Director Penny Gold

04 LASTThe Secret Journal Of Marian Evans19980128

In 1851, when George Eliot was still known as Marian Evans and had not yet become a novelist, she began a relationship that was to help unlock her genius.