Victorian Love Stories


0101The Nightingale And The Rose2001012220030511

by Oscar Wilde.

A young man needs a red rose with which to woo his love, and a nightingale makes the ultimate sacrifice to provide such a bloom.

Read by Jo James

0102A Little Grey Glove2001012320030518

by George Egerton.

A rich man with a passion for fishing meets a mysterious woman on a river bank in Kent.

Read by Simon Tait

0103An Old Wife's Tale2001012420030525

by Ellen T Fowler.

A man recounts how he saved his wife-to-be in a house fire, but couldn't save her sister.

Read by Hilary Neville

0104Flower O' The Quince2001012520030601

By Henry Harland.

An aristocrat returns to England from Panama to inherit his family estate after a mysterious thirty year absence.

Read by Joanna Tope

An aristocrat returns to England to succeed as lord of a grand estate after having suddenly and inexplicably disappeared abroad more than 30 years earlier.

0105 LASTThe Statute Of Limitations2001012620030608

By Ernest Dowson.

A man who has worked in Chile for 15 years grows increasingly apprehensive at the thought of seeing the faded beauty of his fiancee on his return to England.

Read by Jimmy Chisholm