View From The Boundary, A~test Match Special~


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SBH:A View From the Boundary - Peter O'Toole, actor, talks about his life, career and interest in cricket.

Includes refs.

to the making of 'Lawrence of Arabia' and to his ""corpsing"".

Interviewer: Brian Johnston.

From Test Match Special.

Broadcast history

10 Aug 1991 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 3)


Brian Johnston (int)

Peter O'Toole (Speaker)

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SBH:A View From the Boundary - Harold Pinter, writer and actor, talks about his interest in cricket.

Interviewer: Brian Johnston.

Introduced by Bill Rennells.

From Test Match Special.

PRE:Pinter: Watching cricket during and after World War II.

Playing for Gaiety cricket team.

Has always supported Yorkshire.

Playing with cricketer Arthur Wellard.

(11'00""): Doesn't play cricket anymore - can't field well enough.

Manages to get cricket scenes into film screenplays he writes.

Has thought about writing play about cricket.

Cricket is a very tense, dramatic, violent game.

Found captaincy very hard.

Resigned captaincy in the middle of a game.

Complains about not being able to tell one batsman from another because of their helmets.

Recalls seeing Bradman play.

His acting.

Writing screenplays.

Broadcast history

25 Aug 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 3)


Brian Johnston (int)

Harold Pinter (Speaker)

Bill Rennells (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 359987.