View From The Boundary, The; Test Match Special


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SBH:A View From The Boundary - Lord Robert Runcie, former Archbishop of Canterbury, talks about his career and his interest in cricket.

Interviewer: Brian Johnston.

From Test Match Special.

PRE:What he's been doing since retiring earlier in the year.

His role as the High Steward of Cambridge.

Was born and brought up in Liverpool.

His own cricketing abilities.

Watching cricket in the 1930s.

His wartime service in the Scots Guards.

Went back to Oxford after the war, was then ordained and subsequently married.

(11'20"") his career before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury.

Played cricket quite a bit during this period.

Recalls matches at Manor House at Garsington.

Cricket references in the Bible.

His notoriety for pig keeping.

Anecdote about Michael Ramsey.

Character forming aspects of cricket.

Broadcast history

22 Jun 1991 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 3)


Brian Johnston (int)

Robert Runcie (Speaker)

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