Vincent Price And The Horror Of The English Blood Beast [Drama]


20100306By Matthew Broughton. In 1967, Vincent Price came to the UK to make the horror movie Witchfinder General. It was the best performance of his career, and the worst few months of his life. This play takes a light-hearted look behind the scenes of the making of this classic British film.

Vincent Price.... Nickolas Grace

Tony Tenser.... Kenneth Cranham

Michael Reeves.... Blake Ritson

Philip Waddilove.... Richard Nichols

Hilary Dwyer.... Phoebe Waller Bridge

Ian Ogilvy.... Gareth Pierce

Other parts played by Simon Ludders and Lynne Seymour

Produced and directed by Sam Hoyle.

By Matthew Broughton. Behind the scenes of the making of classic film Witchfinder General.