01Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091228
01Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091229

Mark Rylance reads from a new edition of Van Gogh's prodigious correspondence.

02Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091229
02Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091230

Vincent begins his artistic studies in earnest under the guidance of Anton Mauve.

03Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091230
03Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091231

Vincent leaves Paris for the light and warmth of Arles in the south of France.

04Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20091231
04Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters20100101

Gauguin finally joins Vincent in the yellow house in Arles.

05 LASTVincent Van Gogh: The Letters20100101
05 LASTVincent Van Gogh: The Letters20100102

Vincent recovers in hospital following the incident in which he severed his own earlobe.