Viva Sweden [6 Music]



Danny Robins, comedian, writer and Swedophile, takes 6Music listeners on a musical journey around the Swedish capital, exploring the UK's current interest in Sweden and the reasons behind Sweden's prolific musical success.

There's been a buzz around Sweden for a while; in recent times the UK has seen a 400% increase in sales of Swedish design; Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy has dominated the bestseller lists, and David Cameron has even brainstormed with Swedish politicians. Now, with the Hollywood remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, this interest in all things Swedish looks set to grow and grow.

But nowhere are the Swedes more prolific right now than in music. With a seemingly constant stream of great new acts coming out of the country, there's a strong chance your new favourite band is Swedish.

Danny says, "I'm married to a Swede, I've been visiting the country for years and I'm totally fascinated by it and its music scene. I think there are definite cultural and social reasons why Swedish bands are so successful abroad and in this documentary I wanted to find out what those reasons were, to see if we in the UK could learn from them."

So, 30 years after the final Abba album, Danny heads to Stockholm to meet the new wave of Swedish musicians, such as indie queen Lykke Li, Peter Morén from Peter Björn and John, highly lauded Gorillaz-collaborators Little Dragon and First Aid Kit, the teenage sisters from a Stockholm suburb, who became an Internet sensation thanks to their Fleet Foxes cover. With their second album out this month (produced by Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes), they're now attracting interest in the States.

Danny Robins takes listeners on a musical journey around the Swedish capital of Stockholm.