A Voice In The Crowd


0101The Human Voice2002090820030407

Dr Gillian Rice investigates the factors affecting the way we speak.

What makes each voice unique and what can others tell from our voices?

0102For Crying Out Loud2002091520030408

A baby's cry can be both heartrending and irritating.

But why do western babies cry more than those in tribal societies? Dr Gillian Rice investigates.

0103Hearing Your Name2002092220030409

Dr Gillian Rice discovers how humans and animals hear their name and make themselves heard above the hubbub.

0104Learning Your Name2002092920030410

Dr Gillian Rice looks at how animals use calls and whistles to recognise one another.

0105Knowing Individuals2002100620030411

Animals recognise each other by vocalisations, and biologists are now using similar techniques to study endangered species. Dr Gillian Rice reports.