19970528A play by Nick Pullen.
With his father trying to make a man of him, what will become of Matthew's dreams to write a romantic blockbuster? With David Thorpe, Carolyn Backhouse and June Barrie.
Director Marion Nancarrow 
Genome: [r4 Bd=19930217] by Nick Pullin.
A play for Valentine's week about love, romantic novels, initiative tests and pink cami-knickers.
Director Marion Nancarrow

Genome: [r4 bd=19930217] contributors

  • Unknown: Nick Pullin.
  • Director: Marion Nancarrow
  • Matthew: David Thorpe
  • Marilyn: Carolyn Backhouse
  • Mum: June Barrie
  • Dad: Steve Hodson
  • Bill Moon: Ed Bishop