Walks Of Protest [Drama]


02The Salt March20000908By Nasser Memarzia.

On 12 March 1930, Gandhi and 78 volunteers set out from Sabarmati Ashram to walk the 240 miles to Dandi in protest at the British-imposed salt laws.

This bid to unite the INDIAn independence movement meant some difficult decisions for those in the villages en route.

With Paul Bhattacharjee, Josephine Welcome and Kulvinder Ghir.

Director: Toby Swift

03The Dead House At Para20000915By Michael Hastings.

A poor Brazilian family joins a peasant march to reclaim unused farm land.

But can they occupy a haunted house? With Jim Norton and Jonathan Meades.

Director: Peter Kavanagh

04 LASTWalk Against Fear20000922By Sol B River.

James Meredith believed he should enjoy the same rights as everyone else in Mississippi, and his long walk on Highway 51 was a simple statement of freedom that even bullets couldn't stop.

With Clarke Peters, Don Gilet and Geoff Burton.

01A Womans Walk Is Never Done20000901By Alex Ferguson.

Jessie Lincoln is left holding the baby when husband Tom joins the Jarrow March.

But as Tom marches in one direction, headstrong Jessie marches in another - and takes the road to independence.

With Janine Birkett, Trevor Fox, Carol Mcguigan, Peggy Shields and Jack McBride.

Director: Lindsay Leonard.