Wall, The [Documentary]

Peter France presents a series exploring dry-stone walls - features that criss-cross our landscape and speak volumes about our history and way of life through time.


01Ancient Walls20060123On a remote farm in Yorkshire, farmer Tom Lord tells Peter why he thinks his stone walls could be 800 years old, and built to deter wolves.
0220060124Building a dry-stone wall is not like building with bricks and mortar.

Each lump of stone has a different size, shape and texture.

To be a good waller you need the skills that combine creating 3D pieces of art with jigsaw puzzles.

03Wild Walls20060125Dry-stone walls make wonderful habitat for our small mammals and reptiles.

All those dry and safe nooks and crannies are useful hiding places, and the walls themselves provide corridors through an otherwise fragmented landscape.

Peter travels from the Mendips to the Isle of Purbeck to discover Britain's wild walls.

04Rock Hard Walls20060126It seems obvious to say dry-stone walls are made of rocks, but when you stop to think about it, they are wonderful, visual adverts for British geology.

Because wallers use the rocks they find at their feet, these intriguing features tell us a lot about what made the British Isles.

05 LASTWalling In The Future20060127Peter explores if dry stone walls have a future in a modern agricultural landscape.

Are they now just museum pieces doomed to slow decay, or will our landscape have walls in 200 years time? Rural crafts are very popular again, but will they live on outside garden design?